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We are happy to introduce our beach clothing to all customers from all over the world. You can fulfill your dream of wearing a designer and gorgeous beach clothing with matching accessories.

We have known that there are several main styles of wedding beach clothing, such as A-line, ball gown, princess, and mermaid, etc. Today, we will discuss about the suitable style for brides with different temperament.


1. A-line dress

As the name implies, the overall design of this style is similar to the shape of letter A. the wholeness sense of this style is rather strong, and gives a tall and slender feeling from the vision. If with a small train, it can be a good interpretation for the bride’s gentle and sweet temperament. If you are just this type, how can you easily miss this style of wedding dress?


2. Sheath/column dress

Speaking of sheath/column wedding beach clothing, it usually gives a noble and beautiful feeling, and it is the bride’s favorite who long for western style. This kind of wedding dress is more in line with the golden ratio of human’s body from tailoring to design. Unlike the sexy of the mermaid style, it has more meanings. If you have a noble temperament, just have a try!


3. Ball gown

This kind of dress is simply cute, and has always been loved by the bride who has a dream of being a princess. The simple design style reveals a playful fashion. Layers of tulle hem are dreamy and fantastic. It also has a magical effect of cinching in at the waist so to cover the defects of the bride’s waist. Looking forward to being a princess? Then no hesitation anymore for this style of wedding dress!


4. Mermaid dress

Brides with a mermaid wedding dress usually give people an elegant feeling. This style pays much attention to show off women’s perfect body stature. Its unique style has been favored by mature ladies. If you are elegant and have a graceful body line, just choose this style of wedding dress to let him fascinated with your charm!


5. Knee-length short dress

Short wedding dress becomes popular in recent two years. It gets rid of the complexity and procrastination of the traditional design, giving a fresh and lovely overall feeling, and more suitable for modern young people’s taste. Natural and easy, is a good choice for outdoor wedding, and also more suitable for lovely and fresh brides.


Therefore, which kind of bride are you? After confirming your temperament, just go to choose the most suitable style of wedding dress for yourself!